Why you Should Prefer a Holiday Home to a Hotel

There isn’t a month that passes by before getting news of a new holiday rental website being launched or reports of holiday renting houses on the rise. These activities show that there are more and more persons who have realized that renting out holiday homes is a great source of secondary income. But while home owners have realized this, not all tourists have. There are still some who prefer hotels when they go for vacations which tend to be expensive. Most of such persons, those who prefer hotels, probably do not have the right information regarding the benefits that they stand to gain renting a holiday home rather than a hotel. To set you on the right path and to help you better budget for your vacation, below are some reasons why renting a holiday home is better than a hotel.

Space and Privacy

Compare the standard hotel size of 20 meter squared, cubicle, box or room with the space available in a house or private house and it is easy to see why many prefer holiday homes. But aside from the space, the privacy is what many have fallen in love with. You do not have to fear that the maid will come knocking on your door when you are engaged in other activities or struggling to keep your baby quiet not to disturb your neighbors. In a house, or private apartment, you are at liberty to walk around naked if you so wish or in your pyjamas. This kind of privacy is not available in hotels.

Have your own rules

It is exciting to be in a hotel where everything is done for you. But after a few days, truth be told, being attended to while you lazy around gets boring. Having to get up early just to beat the breakfast queues and having to make yourself scarce when the maid is cleaning up does not quite cut it. In a private home, no one will ask you, or even care what time you wake up to have breakfast. Heck no one will be waiting on you to wake up to give you breakfast and as such do not need to worry about messing up with the times. If you choose to have your breakfast at midday, it is up to you. If you choose to be swimming nude in the pool at midnight it is all acceptable and up to you.

Glorious food

Being in a hotel, you will have very limited choice as to what you will have. You might have to persevere the same buffet day in day out. Staying in a holiday home, you have the luxury of cooking for yourself. You can buy ingredients from the grocery store and the supermarket and just prepare virtually anything you fancy and however you want it.

If you are a foodie, you will appreciate a fully functioning kitchen away from home to tinker with.

The list is long. The above will however suffice to change your mind. And it goes without saying, holiday homes beat hotels hands down.