Which Apartments Are Going To Be The Most Desirable In New Piermont Grand EC?

Most of you know that all-new Piermont Grand EC has countless apartments to offer and they range between 1 room and 5 rooms units. Today, we will examine which apartments are going to be the most popular and which ones are going to be sold out the fastest.

3-room condos

The most popular of them all are 3-room units. There are a lot of them at the Piermont Grand EC and they are expected to be sold out the fastest. Reasons for that are obvious. First and foremost, these apartments are not too big nor too small. They are generally affordable, considering the size and they are ideal for families, couples and even singles. If you are looking for one of these condos, start with your reservation as soon as possible.

5-room apartments

Apartments of this size are elegant, practical and they offer a lot of space, you will want to get. We can see that they are going to be sold out almost as fast as the 3-room units.  5-room apartments are desirable among larger families, couples who are planning to become a large family and even for businessmen who seek the additional space. An interesting fact is that the price is going to be more affordable than you may think.

1 room condos

They are the smallest and the most desirable for teenagers or singles. These apartments are also the best when it comes to renting, due to the fact most teenagers and students are looking for a condo of this kind specifically.

 2-room condos

Yes, apartments with 2 rooms are highly popular. They are the best choice for teenagers, small families, and couples. The major advantage and the main reason why they are more desirable than single room condos is the practicality and the price. They are a bit more expensive, yet they add 30% of additional space to your new home. We all like these condos and we believe they will become the most desirable in the near future. Piermont Grand EC is already known for some of the best, single room condos in the whole of Singapore.

4-room apartments

These condos are known for its symbiosis between the price and space. They are not as expensive as 5-room units nor as expensive and they are more spacious than 3-room condos. Couples and smaller families are going to be the first buyers and they are going to appreciate this availability. We should add that condos of this kind are reasonably comfortable and they are appealing for most of us.

The final word

One of the best places for life in Singapore is Piermont Grand EC. This simply means that all the units will be sold as soon as possible. If you are still deciding, make sure to understand your needs and pick a condo that meets them just right. Keep in consideration that bigger is always better due to obvious reasons.