Best Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts: All You Need To Know

If perchance you have always wanted to press your own t-shirts with your emblem or favorite designs, you will glad to know that it not a difficult task. As long as you own the best heat press machine for t shirts and you carefully follow the instructions, you can effectively create your own t-shirts. Below are some tips on how you can make use of the heat press machine for t-shirt.

Right before you do anything, it is necessary that you have the t-shirts washed in cold water and then dried on high heat. When the shirts are dried and ready, you have to create the design that you intend to transfer to the shirt. You need to be creative at this stage because you need to come up with an idea that will make everyone want that shirt.

Whenever you are done with the design, the next thing is how you go about using professional heat transfer paper. This is the paper that the design is printed on. It is important you print using a color ink to capture the overall effects.

Now that the design is printed out in the heat transfer paper, you need to carefully cut and trim them very close to the edges I’d the image. If you want things to be very easy for you, it is best you make use of a back go that has color so you can cut around the shape easily.

Setting the press is the next step, you need to follow the instructions for the type of material, machine and transfer paper you have. You need to do three things if you want to achieve this; you need to set the time, temperature and the pressure of each shirt. Whenever you have these set, you will be equipped to begin making t-shirts.

To get underway, you need to place on the shirt, the center of an image. Make use of any alignment tool to get the image on the center of the shirt. There are other ways you can have your design centered on your shirt, among which include using a t-square or folding the shirt in half lengthwise.

One of the final steps to take on how you can use a t-shirt heat press is playing the ink side of the image on the t-shirt while placed on top of the Teflon pad inside the heat press. When the Teflon sheet is placed on top of the T-shirt, you avoid the rubber of the machine sticking to the shirt. In conclusion, you lock the press and adhere with the timing instructions for each heat press.

When the time for transfer is complete, the press automatically unlocks itself. Carefully follow the directions to see if you need to have both the image and the shirt cool or if you need to remove the transfer paper while it is hot. When you pull back the transfer paper, it is important that you allow the shirt to cool and dry for at least 24 hours. When you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you tend to have no problems with creating your own t-shirts.