Improve the value of your flipped foreclosed property by installing an Ecosmart water heater

In Southern California, we have been blessed with a ready supply of piped in natural gas. This natural gas ensures that our water is nice, hot and comfy in the morning. This also ensures that we have nice flowing hot water when we need it, where we need it. Sounds awesome, right?

Bu t unfortunately, the rest of the United States is obviously not Southern California. In fact, in many parts of the United States, pipes can get frozen in certain parts of the year. It’s only a matter of time.

A lot of people have gotten used to this but unfortunately, a lot of people are not really getting the kind of comforts and conveniences that they have grown custom to living in places like Southern Florida, Hawaii, and Southern California.

Make no mistake about it. If you’re flipping foreclosed properties and if you really want to take their perceived value to a much higher level, you don’t have to blow a tremendous amount of money on the typical water broiler setups.

Those setups can be quite expensive and also they may mean the difference between you getting a pretty handsome profit for all the time, effort and energy you’ve invested in flipping a foreclosed piece of property and barely breaking even.

Do yourself a big favor and install an Ecosmart water heater instead. The great thing about this tankless water heater setup is that it only requires an electric ignition. It doesn’t really us electricity to heat up the water.  That would be too expensive.

Instead, it uses gas but it requires an ignition system provided by electricity. You get the best of both worlds because the gas is heated at a high enough temperature to heat water when people need it.

There’s no tank with a ready supply of hot water because if you do that, you’re expenses go through the roof. Sure, a lot of these tank-based systems have enjoyed increases in energy efficiency but they are still expensive.

So do yourself a big favor and install the right system. By installing the right water heater system, not only do you save money, but you also save time. If you are flipping homes, you know how valuable your time is.

If you truly want to achieve maximum profitability, you need to flip homes as quickly as possible and put in low cost equipment. As long as you’re completely sincere, authentic and honest with your buyers, they would help you with this process and they would accept the property the way you set it up.

Everybody wins. They get a nice home at a nice discount.  You get to make a profit without having to blow too much money on high value inputs. It’s a win-win situation. It really all boils down to the right strategic choices as far as systems are concerned. One of these of course, must involve the Ecosmart water heater system.

Do yourself a big favor, do a little bit of advanced research and you will be surprised how far ahead of the game you will be. Otherwise, if you don’t do your homework, chances are, you will end up settling for peanuts for profits. Not exactly a happy ending.