Foreclosure deal sites need the best hosting

I know you’re probably all pumped up right now. You’ve discovered the amazing world of foreclosures and you cannot help but talk to people about it. In fact, you cannot help getting excited. There’s not shutting you up. I say this because I was in the same shoes as you. I was in your shoes for a long time because foreclosures are awesome.

In fact, it’s too easy that they’re the best things since sliced bread. Can you imagine having to spend two millions dollars just to buy a house? Now you don’t necessarily going to have all that money around. You’re going to spend 10-20 percent of the down payment. That’s a huge chunk of cash.

What if I told you that you can buy that same house for less than one million dollars, would you be excited? Welcome to the club! This is the world of foreclosures. When people buy all sorts of real estate properties, they are operating out of optimism. At the back of their head, their hoping against hope that somehow someway, they will have the money to pay the monthly mortgage bill.

For the vast majority of people, this is not a problem. They can limp along. It can be like pulling teeth. They might be a little late but most people are able to pull through. They’re able to find the money and pay their mortgage. This is also called amortization. Unfortunately, this does not apply across the board. A significant percentage of people cannot find the money. If you miss your amortization or mortgage payments enough times, the bank takes over. Not only do you lose the amount of money that you spent on the property, it no longer is under your name.

It was never your property in the first place. After all, it was encumbered by the banks. This is called the foreclosure process. You can get kicked out of your home. Strange people might show up and tell you to get out. Whatever the case may be, it is a pretty sad situation. But on the other side, on the buyers’ side, this is an amazing thing. It’s an opportunity. This is especially true in the current market. In the United States in certain markets, the minimum you are expected to pay for a home is one million dollars. Think about it for a second. Seven figures for a home. I’m not talking about some sort of palace.

In fact in San Francisco, one million can buy you a shack. Imagine that – a shack! That’s the harsh real estate reality. And anything that enables people to buy less than the market price is cause for excitement. If you’re one of those people, you’re probably thinking of putting up a foreclosure deal site.

When I got into foreclosures, that was the first thing I was thinking of doing. I was under the impression that I would make quick bucks. Here’s how I did it. I would find all the foreclosure deals I can get. I’d put them on a website and then I would promote them to people who are actively looking to flip homes. I would then make five thousand dollars of each deal but since each listing contains of hundreds of foreclosed homes, you can see that all of these had sold out quickly. Unfortunately, the best laid plans don’t always pan out and this was one of them. What was my Achilles heel? Hosting!

You’re probably thinking, how can I blow it? Hosting seems so obvious. In fact, people buy hosting deals all the time. That is precisely the problem. People buy it all the time without the proper amount of thinking and researching that’s why they get burned again and again. Take it from me. If people are looking for you particular type of product or service and they cannot find the website when they need it, chances are you’re not going to close the sale. You’ve blown it. It’s just not going to happen. You have to be there right at the time that they wanted.

Interestingly enough, from my experience, real estate turns out to be some sort of impulse market. I know it’s crazy because when you buy real estate, it usually is a long term financial engagement. Americans usually take 20-30 years to pay down a home. But in terms of actually pulling the trigger or getting off the fence when making a decision, it usually boils down to impulse. This is why you really cannot afford to host your foreclosure deal site on nothing less but the very best hosting.

Now that I’ve opened your mind to that possibility, this begs the question. Who knows what the best hosting is? Thankfully, by doing certain host service comparisons, we can get a clear idea of the parameters that we should keep in mind when trying to make our choice. For example, when you compare two hosting companies, certain features and qualities become apparent. Then, you use those features as filtration mechanisms to find the very best service for your particular situation.

Learn what you need to know for top-notch hosting by understanding siteground versus the wpengine. If you are able to wrap your mind around this, you will be able to make the right call time and time again. That’s how you play the game.