Shiftmail: How Effective Email Analytics Benefits Your Organization

With the remarkable emergence of search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and social media, it is safe to say email marketing is close to running its course, right? Wrong. Email marketing is truly well and alive, and it is arguably the most profitable source of marketing. For a detailed email tracking system, go to the Shiftmail website.

Email marketing provides more openings for your establishment and drives a very good ROI. With email marketing, your establishment can initiate deeper relations with a bigger audience at a percentage of the cost of regular media.

Analytics are inevitable in determining the efficiency of any campaign. A lot of marketing channels provide estimated and ambiguous results. Email marketing, in contrast, presents exact and valuable metrics, including open rates, delivery rates, subscriber retention rates, and click-to-deliver rates. Even more encouragingly: these metrics are not limited to percentages and numbers. They are insights about the interests and behaviors of your customers. Make use of your email marketing plan as an avenue to determine which information clients are interested in. From that point, you can further target your marketing campaign towards more successful topics of interest and campaigns.

With email marketing, you have the capacity and ability to particularly control those that see an email by segmenting your contacts depending on their lead status, location, demographics, or any other data.

While most email marketing software targets to determine the behavior of the subscribers such as the email click rates and open rates, the use of email analytic system such as Shiftmail which have analytic tools that can help organization track and comprehends more the launched campaign to access what works best to further improve the open rates and to take advantage of the opportunity in order to make new subscribers more engaged in the campaign. Here are the few advantages of having an email analytic in your email marketing:

1. Better Insight into Your Subscribers

Subscribers can be from different places around the world and may differ from their interests but the email analytics provide and tallied more than basic data on the done by subscribers to better tailor your campaigns in the future. With email analytics, you are given the chance to sneak the insights about the spam rates of your email campaigns so you can get more idea of how you can craft your content that won’t opt subscribers from getting your newsletters. Another thing is that you will also get educated about the possible actions of your subscribers when they received your email campaigns, be it positive or negative the important is that you can pick the right strategy to incorporate into it to achieve the results you wanted.

2. Can Be Used In Running Test Campaigns

Email analytics also works together with the split or test campaigns that you might want to run because it allows you to customize the list and options to have a specified breakdowns of rates in delivery, opened and clicked actions of the campaigns that you sent out to your contact list. Though it is normal that one gets unsubscribes rate, losing the high percentage of the subscriber’s list can be alarming too but with the use of the analytic services one can understand why subscribers have done such and if the triggering action comes from your end then you can try to prevent it in the future.

3. Allows To See Traffic Reports

Organizations and businesses continuous do seek ways to get the advantage of the web traffics in making their sales. With that, any analysis reports pertaining to the online visibility of the website is helpful. Say, for instance, you want to check the volume of your subscribers that visit your website then the email analytic system can have a tool that can help you though you need to integrate it Google analytics to use this feature.

In any email marketing, the end point of every action is for the subscription performance of every campaign and having not just the primary data can really contribute to the success of the email marketing and despite others says this strategy is already an old-fashioned, in studies this is still very much effective to drive more traffic and improve the conversion rates so take time to try using email analytic system in your email marketing and take advantages of the above benefits.