Reasons Why Louis Vuitton Bags Are Expensive

Louis Vuitton (LV) bags are relatively very costly. At least, LV bags are not the most affordable of handbags. Yet a lot of women continue to buy the Louis Vuitton bags – apparently unmindful of their cost; and of the fact that there are several other apparently cheaper handbag brands available in the marketplace.

So why are bags very expensive – and what value do they offer buyers, in a bid to make people continue buying them, instead of the several other ‘cheaper’ handbag brands?

One reason that explains why Louis Vuitton bags are expensive happens to be the material they are derived from namely original pure leather. This pure leather, while surely the most appropriate material for making handbags, is really expensive- though its little additional cost is something that it makes up for in a lot of other ways as previously mentioned during our discussion on the value bags provide.

Another reason that explains why Louis Vuitton (LV)bags are not readily affordable is the workmanship involved in their production. Being high-end items, bags are certainly not ‘run off the mill’ mass made items (as there would be no means of guaranteeing quality in a production system like that).

If the luxury item is your thing, taking extra precautions in purchasing Louis Vuitton bags saves many socialites from falling into scams and though this may take few efforts to spot the made in China version from authentic one, it would not be too hard. We can even help on how you spot the original from fake version with the following:

1. You can begin with a little research about Louis Vuitton bags and some details that comes thereof such as the receipt and the accessories that may come with the bag and as well as the prices. If you noticed that there is a big difference on the prices that you commonly see in any online and physical boutique, then that’s an added indication that you might be looking at the fake brand. Specifications on the items can also help such as the model, color, and pattern. If you will buy online, make sure that the seller is reliable and check out reviews of the site from past clients, there is for sure some information about the site on the web that you can mind of.

2. Ask some lot of images from different angle shots if you are buying online and images can tell what you are paying for. The monogram and embedded stamp, baselining of the bag may tell something. In addition to that, you may ask when it was purchased or if it a pre-order item. Keep in mind that an authentic LV bag comes with a fined-elegant finish matte, something that didn’t come with the replica version and its material is made from leather or coated canvas carefully trimmed so make sure you know what the material of the original LV bag used is.

3. If there is a stitching flaw you’ve seen in the picture then the seller may be posting a replica version. To say that LV bag is in perfect gloss and trims neatly is already expected, that means the package won’t comes with soft paper or tissue-like-wrapping to shield it from scratches and other elements that could devalue the aesthetic appearance of the bag.

4. An original Louis Vuitton bags usually have a monogram that may look upside down when you try to see it in the back view and no seam will be found on the bottom. Another thing that is a misconception about the authentic LV bag is that all are made in France. Certainly, other than France an original LV bag can be made in USA, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

5. When checking out the font used in the embedded logo, the replica version may already get close to the original version but one way to help you is the serial number and the date code of the bad. There are two letter characters in the 6 digit code and the other four is numbers. There can be so misleading done, but this won’t work for prudent buyers.

So, if you want Louis Vuitton bags included in your investment, then consider the factors above and it definitely assists you in your buy.