Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Beard

It is important to know that it takes some discipline to grow a beard particularly when it’s in the early stages. You might become frustrated, discouraged, and receive comments from family and friends. However, it is really rewarding and worth the stress. There is a perfect guide to beard grooming and growing on

Your success in grooming a beard is largely dependent on your genetic makeup and your commitment. Some individuals are blessed with the ability and capability to grow a beard in a matter of weeks while others may require months to arrive at the desired look. Unfortunately, there is little you can do when it comes to genetics however with hard work you can pull through the problematic stages to see how things pan out. And, if it doesn’t work out eventually, you can shave it off in a matter of minutes.

Therefore if you would like to grow your beard make that commitment to stick with it for a minimum of 8 weeks. This will provide you with sufficient time to grow out a very good beard, and for you to get accustomed to maintaining it.

You can start your beard at the time that’s most appropriate for you. It really doesn’t matter when you start… just opt for a date and put a halt to shaving!

Half of the population of men never discovers that growing a beard can invigorate in shaping up your character. We say this because once you decided to grow your beard, you be hearing people comments about it and not just your family or close friends but despite the challenge keep the focus so that you can resist trimming it or shaving it off. We have prepared some helpful tips that you might need to know before starting the one of the kind journey in adulthood.

1. Hide The Shavers And Razors

You wanted to wear beard you had always envy of, then take away those razors and shavers. Keeping off with these items strengthen your will to combat the urge to cut it off when you just started few weeks in growing it.

2. Beard Oils Reduces The Spunky Itch

You might want to grow a beard but each time you attempt doing it, the itchy feel makes you want it off. We have heard a lot of complaints about itchiness, and yes, this is quite true because you are accustomed to shaving it off closer to your skin and when it grows, the tips will spooks on your skin making it feel itchy and to relieve that, you can get the help of the beard oil.

3. Wash It Regularly

If you are among those groups that have oily skin, your plan to grow a beard can give you some skin problems like acne if you do not take care of it properly. Taking care means, while it is there cleanse them with mild soap. This to ensure that you won’t get dry skin or coarse beard but it simply helps your face be off from acne problems.

4. Keep Strong, You’re On The Way There

There are many challenges twinned with growing beard that most could not last or survive and they give up and have it trimmed. Not only how you can actually refrain yourself from using a razor on it, how you physically look to others matters sometimes. People do not have the same positive outlook about growing beard but, hey, it is yourself and your body. Therefore, you have the freedom to do what you think you want to feel good about it and though the opinions of others matter, this shouldn’t hinder one’s right to exercise his freedom.

5. Have A Plan

When we say have a plan, we are in the same way asking you how much you like your beard to grow? Months or Years? Beard does not take the length metrics so you don’t actually say 5 inches beard but you say 1-month beard, or 3 months beard and so on. No matter how long you want to keep it, we suggest keeping 2 months beard before you took the step in grooming or trimming it to the desired shape you want. Of course, you will have to suit it with the shape of your face and the projected look you want to achieve.

Growing beard for the first time can really be difficult but once you are there and succeed the challenge, you will become a more open person with a solid confidence and patience.