What You Ought to Know About the Best Oil Filters

Most advanced vehicles come either in cartridge filters or enclosed canister filters. Enclosed canister filters are designed in a way in which the filter element and casing are built into a single compartment which should always be replaced every time you want to add new oil. For cartridge filter, the casing can be reused and all you need to do is to replace the filter component inside of the casing. The filter element consists of three common membranes: cellulose, synthetic, and micro-glass. Below are lists of some of the best oil filters available in stores today.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter

Mobil 1’s Extended Performance filter comes top on our recommended list. It utilizes a modern synthetic fiber blend that has the capability to remove oil impurities with a high rate of efficiency. It also comes with a strong aluminum canister that has the capability to withstand up to 615 PSI of pressure.

It has some other added and exciting features like an anti-drain valve that makes the car works properly and prevents dry starts that can result in high levels of friction and failure when you first power up your car.

Due to its numerous user reviews, it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.

Bosch Premium FILTECH

Bosch is widely known for the production of numerous varieties of engine maintenance component you could think of. The FILTECH is one of Bosch’s superior products that will certainly keep your engine in good working condition for a long period of time.

This filter utilizes Bosch’s patented FILTECH media screen to produce a near-perfect filtering result. It also comes with an aluminum shell with a steel support which helps prevent warpage as a result of high heat and pressure. This implies that you don’t need to replace the Bosch FILTECH filter when the times come for an oil change.

Like the filter highlighted above, it is designed with an anti-drain-back valve to prevent twitches and jerks. Due to its numerous user reviews, it has a near perfect score of 4.5 out of 5.0 and therefore considered as one of the best oil filters.