What You Can Get From Unranked League of Legends Accounts in Your Rented Home

You being here mean that you have heard and want your hands on one of the unranked League of Legends accounts. There are different ways you can acquire an unranked account with LoL, but the most convenient one is by buying them online. A lot of websites today offer hundreds of unranked LoL accounts for players that want to advance faster than most of the newbies of the game. It is one of the reasons that made you come to this place.

Why Buy Unranked Accounts?

The unranked accounts that are made available online are actually made by experts for newbie players that want to reach higher levels faster. This is because all games, especially with RPG genre, let players start at the very first level. Depending on how the player strategizes their gameplay, they can either reach higher levels faster or slower. Not all players are fond of waiting to get to level 30 in League of Legends, which is the favourable level due to features, summoner spells, masteries, champions, game modes and many more made available for such players. New players of League of Legends that are fed up of waiting for their accounts to reach level 30 will likely decide to buy an unranked account instead.

This doesn’t mean to say that it is a must to buy an unranked account. There are still new players that find the joy of waiting to get their accounts to level 30 all on their own because they feel that their hard work will pay off. If you prefer it this way, you have to be patient if you wish to get access to ranked matches. Ranked matches are only available to accounts beyond level 30.

Buying an Unranked Account

It is easy to buy an unranked account – there are hundreds of websites out there that offer them. But the one thing that you need to keep in mind is whether the accounts they sell are safe or not. By safe, it means that it will not subject you complete ban from playing League of Legends. Many accounts in the past were banned by Riot games simply because they find something fishy with certain accounts that seem too weak at first and then got all powerful in a short amount of time. The best unranked accounts are offered by those that are nurtured by smurf players – experts that develop LoL accounts for sale, but not enough that will make Riot games suspicious of it. There are certain programs that will let accounts go higher levels in a short amount of time. Riot games have made measures that whenever they find something suspicious; they investigate and ban the account if proven they are cheating.

However, there is only so much that Riot games can do to monitor every account that they find suspicious. And because of this, those who wish to buy unranked accounts are advised to buy only from the most trusted sources. The only way to do this is by looking at user reviews and the reputation they have among League of Legends’ players.