Is there a Safer Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac to Use in Your Rented Home?

You’ve probably heard how the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac has earned an infamous reputation, but there are still buyers of the product. If you are wondering why Spanish Fly is still gaining popularity despite the reputation it had, you’ll learn the reason for it below.

Why is it dangerous?

The Spanish Fly aphrodisiac has an active ingredient called cantharidin. Cantharidin is a secretion from the legs of the beetle Spanish Fly, produced when they are threatened or to protect themselves. Because it is quite a hassle to prepare the secretion by waiting for them to produce it, the dead beetles are dried out under the sun and then grounded to fine powder. The other parts are not significant in the creation of the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac – as long as the active ingredient is there.

In the past during the heyday of the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac, a lot of fatalities recorded were related to the use of the Spanish Fly. Because of the dangerous properties the Spanish Fly has, it is banned, even until today, in most western countries. Still, it has gained popularity and the continuation of its selling still prevails. It has only made it more infamous.

New Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

But the danger is still there, despite it being proven to really enhance the libido of sexual partners. And manufacturers cannot ignore other customers that are looking for a more effective product, because those that were proven safe had the active ingredient reduced to a lower dosage, thus affecting the effective rate that it can enhance the sexual desire of an individual. Which is why there is the new Spanish Fly, also known as the Spanish Fly Pro. You can find these aphrodisiacs sold at

The new Spanish Fly aphrodisiac is developed for the purpose of avoiding the legal complications associated with the active ingredient that was banned. The product is exclusively based on the herbal extracts. Manufacturers are hoping that the lack of the cantharidin ingredient will appeal to the public that are more conscious about its safety.

The nominal predecessor of this product is aimed for both genders. However, the new Spanish Fly is aimed for women. This new product has passed various tests of health safety organizations.

In order to maximize its marketing and sales, the suppliers decided that they are to continue utilizing different versions of the name of the Spanish Fly, even when the potion itself has no relation to the Spanish Fly’s traditional creation. The trick of its branding seemed to have backfired, because it has only confused the customers about which is which – is it a new one or just using the traditional way of creating the potion? Some reviewers have already been writing their reviews and publishing it online for future customers to see, but then they still placed a warning against the side effects of the active ingredient cantharidin, even though the new Spanish Fly aphrodisiac no longer has the ingredient at all.