Is it Safe to Use Spanish Fly in your Rented Home?

If you are looking for a way to enhance your sex life, then you know what Spanish Fly in the title means. Most of those that get here are those seeking for ways on how they can bring back their desire to engage in sex and even bring more pleasure between partners to drive them to love their sexual prowess in bed. Even if the Spanish Fly has gotten a lot of warnings from the Food and Drug Authority, it is still a popular aphrodisiac among couples today because they have received feedback on how effective it is.

Here is what you need to know about the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac.

Where it comes from

Spanish Fly is not really a name after a fly at all. It is a beetle commonly found in southern Europe, wherein it secretes a particular juice from its legs when it feels threatened. This juice contains an active ingredient called cantharidin, and this is the ingredient that can drive sexual pleasure for whoever uses it.

The production of the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac depends on what the end product is going to be – powder or liquid form. The Spanish Fly aphrodisiac available in is in liquid form. The powder form was still common in the past, but these days the most popular one is the liquid, which is used to be added to drinks before engaging into sexual pleasure. The body will feel its effects moments after the user has taken in the aphrodisiac. Most of the time they will feel this tingling sensation in their body, but mostly focused on their genitalia. That would be the time that they feel the sensitivity and rush very high.

Is it effective?

Did you know that the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac is banned in most western countries? It is that reason that the product has gained its notoriety, but still popular among those who wish to gain back their desire for sexual pleasure.

The reason why it is banned because it had reports in the past having its users get killed due to ingesting it. A lot of fatalities were reported in Europe during the product’s heyday. Back in those days, the product was used to be rubbed on the genitalia of the groom during his wedding night. Because of the numbing effect that the product produces, the happy new couple found the endurance of the groom greatly enhanced, which delighted the couple.

But over time, the use of the Spanish Fly aphrodisiac has changed to taken orally in a liquid form, which used to be applied on the skin. Death toll on this product rose, but the product still became more famous because of its reputation.

Should you take it?

It all depends on the effect you get after taking it. If taken in low dosage, what might result are the painful blisters on the parts that should not have those blisters in the first place. Then after a while, the sores and pain will disappear. But if the effects are serious, stop it at all costs and seek medical attention.