How to Socialize Online at the Comfort of your Rented Home

Many things happen online, even in social media. The most popular social media networking sites have gathered a lot of users, mostly by the billions. These social networks online have also become the center for people to learn about each other and share ideas. It has also turned out to be a good platform for businesses to market their products and services. However, even if the purpose of creating this social media networking site, in the recent times people have seen the abuse and disregard of what others feel. This is why newer social media sites like Kik friends are getting new followers, wherein the common reason is they are fed up of the mainstream social media and would rather make new friends where there is not much hate and abuse.

So how do you stop hatred and abuse in social media network sites? It all starts from you. The amount of hatred and abuse may seem like it has passed half of the population of the world, but you’ll be surprised how small this particular group of haters are. If you know the proper way of socializing online, you’ll be amazed at how most people are still kind as you initially thought they should be.

Make use of Social Post

Most of the time you get a single shot to getting noticed by users before it streams down your newsfeed. If you have not posted one yet, make use of the protocols specially designed for blog posts such as Twitter Card or Open Graph. If you are very confident that your post is an amazing one, here are some tips on how to make your title rock:

  • Aim to shock your readers
  • Add contrast
  • Make use of length
  • Make use of numbers if your post contains a list. People like to read posts that are filled in lists. It means that you have information that interests them.
  • Provide benefit
  • Invoke emotion
  • Make use of linguistic tricks


When it comes to SEO, the URLs are a significant navigational tool, which is why web developers spend a great deal in optimizing them. The same can be applied with social media, too. Users love to know where you are taking them. As much as possible, avoid using URL shorteners, particularly generic ones, on social media.

If getting either a truncated or full URL make the post a bit messy or cramped, look for a custom shortener for URLs. They are designed to make your URLs still look cool and professional. You can even add some new elements to building up your brand portfolio, too.

Here are some practices that social media bloggers use when putting up texts in their posts:

  • Your first paragraph must be straight to the point. It is horrible to put on fluffy intros on your blog posts, but they are not excused when used on snippets.
  • Avoid using advertising script just out of desperation
  • Your snippet text must contain or at least must allude on a hook.
  • Make use of keywords, but make sure that they make sense in your blog posts. Keywords have received a bad reputation before because they have been abused, but they just add articulation to your posts. It will also attract a lot of viewers and readers, too.