How to Choose a Wireless Microphone Rental System For Rented Homes

If you were to transform a part of your rented home into a sound studio, you will need the best wireless microphone rental system to use. But why do you start renting and not just buy your own? There are instances that when you buy microphone sets, you might end up with a system that is not suited to whatever sound projects you want to create. At least by renting one, you will be able to weigh your decision whether or not you have to buy a system yourself. Some individuals just rent a wireless microphone system because they are not so sure if they are really committed to the career they are currently considering.

Mic Transmitter Types

There are so many aspects to look at when choosing a wireless microphone system, but it is better to start with the transmitter type. It will give you an idea which of them works best for your needs.


The handheld transmitter type is included in the wireless mics’ handle so both of its functions are found within one unit. Just like with wired handheld microphones, there are different models of condenser and dynamic mics you can find in this type. Some manufacturers provide separate transmitters which can be plugged into a XLR connector from any kind of dynamic mic, thus making the microphone options more plentiful when it comes to wireless.

Bodypack Transmitters

These are wireless units wherein they are clipped onto either guitar straps or clothing. They can be utilized with a headworn or lavaliere vocal mics. It can also be used with a plug-in and clip-on instrument microphones, too.

The lavaliere vocal microphones are usually attached to some clothing and they are available in various sizes. They are utilized in capturing dialog in television and film production and most common among public speaking events.

Headset vocal microphones provide high quality pickup of sound. It comes with a headband and its performance is very consistent, too. They are easy to position when it comes to using them during very active performances.

The clip-on instrument microphones clamp on to the body of a person or the bell of the brass, wind, percussion or orchestral string instruments. It offers consistent pickup of sound because it is positioned at a fixed place.

The plug-in systems used for electric guitar and bass guitar sometimes make use of a short cable wherein it is lugged in the output jack of the instrument itself, thus connecting the electric guitar using the bodypack transmitter that is clipped onto an instrument strap or clothing. Some of the transmitters come with multiple settings that is used for either headworn, lavaliere or instrument mics. Both the plug-in and clip-on wireless microphones have grown so popular because they are very reliable to use in almost any event. But its prices have come down because of its high demand for it.

You will also be introduced to different wireless system types and each type is used depending on which system you are going to connect it to.